Our Mission

Babes Support Babes believes in the importance of supporting female handmade entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference in the lives of their family and community. BSB coaches the female maker in her business while also teaching her to love her fellow boss babe without competing or comparing.

Rather than pushing her to hustle without stopping, BSB gives her permission to enjoy her life while cultivating the business of her dreams.  

Through day retreats, workshops, one on one coaching, and bi-annual pop ups, BSB equips each female maker to discover their strengths while learning new ways to successfully grow in her business.

Community over competition is the heartbeat of Babes Support Babes. We value authentic friendships which give way to transformational accountability. As a member of BSB, female makers find a tribe of creative, uniquely gifted, and passion filled women who encourage one another to dream big while upholding the values closest to her.